Healthy Sweet Snacks without sugar based on the Paleo Diet

The 15,000 year old diet

Ever heard of the Paleolithic diet? No? Well, maybe its shortened form – the Paleo diet? This one is as old school as they come: modelling your food intake on the stuff scoffed by the Paleolithic humans, alive nearly 15,000 years ago. Scientists have finally worked out what a caveman would eat on a daily basis, and are now encouraging you to do the same.

The simple rule is this – if it comes from anywhere other than the earth, you can’t put it in your body. No processed sweets for the paleo dieter. No pastas, or cereals, or anything else that would be impossible to make with a fire in a cave. You’ve got to live, breathe, and eat the earth. Nuts, seeds, leafy goodness. That’s what the Paleo doctor ordered!


A delicious and varied diet

You could be forgiven for assuming that there would be absolutely no choice in a diet as restrictive as one followed by cavemen. After all, it’s not all that easy to just wander around the fields, picking seeds and nuts to eat in this day and age. But the diets offered by up by Doctor Loren Cordain, ‘The Founder of The Paleo Movement’, are incredibly varied and sound delicious. By following the diet, you can keep motivated to lose weight by showing off your amazing looking meals.

He suggests one dish called ‘Spicy Salmon With Avocado And Yams’, a dish coursing full of omega-3 and healthful fats. It looks like a beautiful plate of salad-y goodness, full of varying textures and bright colours – not to mention healthy produce. Another dish consists of cooked calimari, tomatoes, olives and peppers. Again, the vibrancy of the dish keeps the food looking interesting and delicious. Although these are the foodstuffs of a diet, they’re certainly a diet that will keep your friends and everyone around you interested in what you’re up to.

brownie paleoBut preparing healthy snacks or deserts also is very well possible with the Paleo Diet. What to think of almond brownies flavored with cacao and honey? Enough possibilities for healthy sweet betweens if you ask me!

Not just good for the body

So, the most important question: what can ignoring all the foods you’ve grown up with and loved, and eating like a prehistoric hunter-gatherer really do for you?

Dr Cordain is quick to label the diet the diet the most optimal for our bodies, given that our genes are the same as cavemen and that they lived a healthy and infinitely more physical existence than we have in the 21st Century. But, alongside this general prescription, the benefits are listed as numerous. Aside from simply losing weight, you’re promised to be able to reduce your risk of both heart disease and type 2 diabetes (thanks to the lowering of cholesterol in your blood). People suffering from autoimmune disease are also told that they can either slow or reverse the effects of their condition.

But it doesn’t stop with obvious medical and weight loss advantages. The good doctor also assures readers that someone on the paleo diet can eliminate acne, improve your sleep, and even up your libido. Heck, these things are amazing on their own, but think about what they can do for your weight. A loss spotty and tired you with a desire to test out your improved libido? You’ll be shedding weight in the most archaic and natural of ways possible within days.

So, try it out. If it’s good enough for a man in a cave, it’s good enough for you!