recover your slim body after Christmas with the weight destroyer program

Ahh the holidays, for many people it is a favorite time of year. Although, for many more it is also a time that can be trying when on diet. January is a month that people tend to take to recover from the over indulgence of the Winter holidays and work towards get back on track with their weight loss goals. When first waking up to a new year and realizing that you’ve manged to completely wreck your diet, the first and most important thing to do is take a breathe and let it go. Letting yourself feel guilty over a bit of over indulgence is not going to help anything. The next steps are discussed briefly in the following. They are based on the weight destroyer program.

Assess the Damage

The most important thing you can do, after taking a moment to breathe and relax, is to take an assessment of the damage. You don’t need to try and start fixing it the moment you get up, but you should take a look at how far off track you wandered. If you did not keep up with a food journal, try to think back and honestly recreate a log of the holiday indulgences. It takes around 4,000 calories to put on just one-half of a pound. Most holidays can add up to one-half to a whole pound per festive day of indulging. Try to figure as best you can how much you went over and check your current weight. Once you know how far off the mark you went, you know how much you need to work to regain your progress.

Weight destroyer program: Reduce Calories-Increase Exercise

According to the author of the weight destroyer program, the math behind weight loss can be rather simple, even if the practice is not. Trimming just a few hundred calories off per day, and add an a bit more exercise can have you back on track in a week or two. It is not impossible to do it, nor does going off your diet for a week or two, or even a day or two, mean the entire effort has been in vain. For many dieters, the best post holiday routine involves taking a few days to a week to just reset themselves. The battle of the bulge never seems over, but there are times when just need a break before starting the uphill battle again. A reset in the calorie intake and exercise routine can also be a great opportunity to change things up a bit and try a new routine all together. One reason that people let things slip around the holidays is that their diet doesn’t allow for the cravings that are easy to indulge during these times.

Stay Positive

weight destroyer programOne of the most important things to regaining a slim figure after the holidays is to keep a positive attitude. Gaining a pound or two from indulging in a Christmas banquet is not the end of the world. Feeling guilty or admonishing yourself excessively will only lead to many negative feelings, which can themselves lead to issues with controlling your weight. Think of the time post holiday diet breaking as a time to start anew and try something different. Pay attention what your diet may be lacking and find solutions that help you not build up the intense cravings that are often a dieter’s undoing over holiday meals. Get creative and explore the recipes of the weight destroyer program that may even help replace some of the holiday favorites with even tastier alternatives. There is a joke that defines food as either healthy for the body, or healthy for the soul. Finding food that satisfied both, is a win-win, and can help prevent the need for post holiday restarts.